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Your host Emi will inspire & facilitate YOU toEXPERIENCE “TOKIMEKI” MOMENT in your daily life through podcasting.

What is “tokimeki”?
“Tokimeki” is a term in Japanese that means spark of joy.
I believe that when you spark joy, magical things start happening to you.
Why design?

Two people can be in the same environment, but they can recognise things completely differently. And they take an action upon what they have recognised.

Let’s say that there is a girl and a boy in the same town, looking for a cafe to have breakfast on Sunday morning. The girl has a dog with her, and the boy is on his own. Even though they are in the same town, at the same time, with the same task, I am sure that they notice different cafes in the town. ┬áThe girl unconsciously recognises cafes with outside seats, while the boy unconsciously recognises cafes which have seats for 1. The girl ends up going to choose the cafe from what she has recognised, and so as the boy.

This sounds familiar, right? But the implication of this example can be a little deeper.
Unless you recognise something, it will not be in your choice.
And design can help you recognise something that was overlooked by your unconscious mind.


What do you mean by “tokimeki” design?
I have a feeling that it is easier for our unconscious mind to overlook things that spark joy…
And I believe that what differentiates those whose life is filled with spark and those whose life isn’t filled with spark is in whether you could recognise triggers that spark joy.
This is why in this podcast, we will try to discover how we can make it easier for ourselves to recognise triggers that spark joy!