2: My heart can’t tell “tokimeki”?


Hello, my beautiful listeners!
(In case none told you that today, I am telling you that you are so beautiful!)

As I have launched this show last week, I was so excited and kept telling my friends around me about this project.
Then I kept getting questions like “what does experiencing tokimeki feel like?” “Tell me the sensation of it” etc…

So, in this episode I would like to share my personal story, and from there describe what “tokimeki” sensation is like!


  • One day, Emi wasn’t sure how she was feeling or what caused her to feel the way she was feeling… (00:04:40)
  • When we are not sure about your feelings, it is hard for us to feel “tokimeki” (spark of joy) inside us.
  • Most of the time, we don’t have just one feeling. We are not just simply happy or sad. Our feelings are more complicated. We are like 20% happy, 10% worried, 15% excited etc… We have mixture of feelings at the same time.
    When we aren’t sure about each component which creates our feelings, we cannot figure out what triggers us to feel certain way either. (00:05:45)
  • The first thing we need to do when we feel messy inside is to clean it up. But it is not always so easy. When we feel overwhelmed, we can allow ourselves to get some loving company to give ourselves courage to face sorting it out.
  • Emi asked for help from her family and friends to be with her when she was feeling down. She finally gained courage to clean her internal mess up from her loving community. (00:07:20)
  • Emi wrote down her thoughts on a notebook. While she was becoming more clear about her feelings, she felt that she had space inside her for something new. (00:08:55)
  • When Emi had a space inside her, she was able to realize something she hasn’t before. She realized that everyone around her was also going through something and we were all trying our best to find solution. (00:xx:xx)
  • When Emi had a space in her mind, she was able to pay attention to something new. When she was able to pay attention to something new, she was able to realize something new and expand her perspective. Realising something new and being able to connect with others from there, she sparked joy. (00:09:40)
  • “Tokimeki” sensation is different from person to person, and situation to situation. But Emi thinks that there are things in common, such as that the heart beats fast and it makes you look at the world in a completely new way. (00:12:10)



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