8: From Having Travel Anxiety to Sparkling while Traveling

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Hello my beautiful people, how are you doing?

So last week, we talked about “re-designing our environment that can lead us to sparkle places”, so that we can relax at where we are without worrying so much. As the topic was on “environment”, for my weekly tokimeki question, I asked “What is your favorite place?”

Speaking of visiting places, I went on a mini travel this week. I went to the center of west side of Japan (a.k.a. Osaka) for a few days. I really felt like refreshing and I planned this trip.
But there was a thing…  I was SO thrilled about this trip, but at the same time I was having a little panic…

So today, in my show, I would like to share with you how I tried coping with my travel anxiety. But we are not just going to explore how to cope with travel anxiety. This show is all about tokimeki, creating sparks in life!
So, in addition to that, we are going to dig deep into how to create sparks in your travel.

I hope that this information can bring you peace by knowing how to deal when you face travel anxiety, and possibilities by knowing how to create sparks when you go on a travel.

Now let’s get started with today’s show!!!

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  • In today’s show, I tried to answer 2 questions how might we be able to reduce anxiety when you are traveling?” and also “how might we be able to crate sparks in this coming event?”  (00:08:00)
  • So in order to answer the first question, I tried 2 things. As a first attempt, I prepared a blank paper and wrote down what was going through on my mind. By doing so, I thought I could objectively observe myself rather than experiencing that mental state. And I shared the insight in the show. (00:09:00)
  • As a second attempt, I found some work sheet from social phobia research and used that to find more about what was really going on. I shared the insight in the show, and you can also find the worksheet I used in the following link (PDF file).  (00:11:26)
  • To answer the second question, I listed out new possibilities that I was creating through my travel. In order to make the trip filled with tokimeki, when these panic attacks happen, try to remind yourself of new possibilities that you are creating, so rather than focusing your energy on your fears, you can instead focus your energy on creating sparks.  (00:23:12)

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