10: Simply Observing Thoughts

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Hello my beautiful people, how are you doing?


So last week, we talked about shame.
It is interesting that often times we don’t realize that this uncomfortable feeling we carry is called “shame” and also it is a very natural part of human to feel this way. Creating last episode made it easier for me to break down “shame” I was feeling, and I feel more comfortable being myself because I understand me better.
And I hope that you guys have also felt this way too.
Before trying to break down and understand what was going through my mind like I did in the last episode, I felt that when I feel sad or uncomfortable, I had to do something to fix it. And because of this, I end up binge eating like crazy, as one of the ways to make me feel a little more comfortable. But the interesting thing I have been realizing is that I don’t always need to react to my sensations. Sometimes, I can just simply observe what is happening, and I don’t always need to try so hard to fix it. And I want to share with you how I try to observe my feelings.

So today, I am going to answer a question “how might we be able to observe our mind?
I hope that this information makes it easier for you to understand a little deeper about yourself when you feel uncomfortable feelings inside. And by understanding yourself as a whole including a little negative sides, I hope that you can create more tokimeki moment!

Now let’s get started with today’s show!!!

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  • Today, I tried to answer a question “how might we be able to observe our mind? (00:08:34)
  • This is because we all experience uncomfortable sensations in our life, and that is okay to feel that way because is natural part of being human. And our goal for today is to learn a method that lets us simply observe when those feelings occur, instead of reacting all of sudden. (00:08:40)
  • As a method for observing our feelings, in today’s show, I have introduced Embodied Meta-cognition, which was proposed by Professor Masaki Suwa from Keiko University in Japan.  (00:09:45)
  • Embodied meta-cognition is an act of reflecting on one’s own thoughts, perceptions and movements from their own experience. And by using this method, we can observe and deepen our understanding of our own cognition, so that we can understand ourselves better.  (00:11:00)
  • There are 6 steps in this method, and they are…
    (1). Which object in the environment do you acknowledge?
    (2). For that object, what kind of characteristics or relationships do you acknowledge?(3). How is your body moving?   *It is better if you can state the specific body part.
    (4). What kind of bodily sensations do you feel?
    (5). How are you making sense of the object you are aware of? (which we covered in question 1&2)
    (6). What kind of purpose or problem awareness do you realize you have?
  • By answering these 6 questions, I hope that you will be able to observe your feelings better and don’t need to react to them.  (00:23:02)

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