11: Emotion is Energy in Motion

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Hello my beautiful people, how are you doing?
In my last episode, as a weekly tokimeki question, I asked you guys “What is your favorite thing in nature?” My answer to this question is the Sun! I mean, the Sun just creates energy and gives it to all the living things. So, I love the Sun.

Speaking of energy, living things always create some kind of energy. Us humans are always creating energy, even when we are sleeping.
Then I started to wonder if all the energy is the same. I remember that in my physics class, I learned about how there are different frequencies for certain energy. As I told you that I have been doing neuro feedback recently, and from observing my brain waves, I can witness that I as an individual create certain amount of certain frequency at times. Now, this lead me to wonder “is there a way to create more of those energy which has positive frequency?”

So today, in my show, I am going to answer a question “how might we be able to create energy which has frequencies of positivity?” I hope that this information makes it easier for you to create energy vibration of positivity. And by vibrating such waves from you, I hope that you can create more tokimeki moment!

Now let’s get started with today’s show!!!

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  • Today, I tried to answer a question “how might we be able to create energy which has frequencies of positivity?” I believe that we humans are vibrating certain frequency of energy waves through the form of “emotion”. For this reason, in this episode, we are going to try to find ways to create emotions which have positive frequencies. (00:07:14)
  • On top of the obvious reasons, I explained why it is that important to create positive emotions from a cognitive science point of view. If we practice feeling positive emotions, because of selective attention it facilitates us to pay attention to things that create positive emotions in any situation. And when this happens, we become more resilient in new environment, and we become more confident to challenge new things.  (00:08:17)
  • I then introduced some ways in which you can create positive emotions. In the episode, I have demonstrated 7 distinct stages of emotion. Stage1 to stage4 reflect negative emotions, while stage5 to stage7 reflect positive emotions.   (00:12:42)
  • The first thing you need to do when you catch yourself in negative emotion is to state which stage you are at and try to simply articulate how you are feeling. At the moment when you are experiencing negative feelings, all you are doing is you are paying your attention to the negative things. When this happen, it can be very difficult to state positive things, because it is such a dramatic shift. So instead, I suggest you to state things that are going very neutral, so that you can shift yourself from negative into neutral. Once you get comfortable being in neutral state, then you start to state things that are more positive. And this is how you transform yourself from negative emotion to positive emotions.  (00:14:00)
  • I hope that this strategy can become your habit when you experience negative feelings, so that you can feel more competent to be in any feelings because you know you can get back soon. And by doing so, I hope that you create a lot of positive vibrations on this beautiful planet! (00:19:54)

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