12: Keeping the Balance with Hormones

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Hello my beautiful people, how are you doing?
In my last episode, as weekly tokimeki questions, I asked you guys They are “What are you thankful for today?” and   “What are do you love about today?”
One thing I realized about myself is that I tend to feel a lot of gratitude and love towards my family, my friends and my circumstances. I am sure my listeners can relate to me, but we tend to give gratitude and love towards someone else. That’s very important but as much as that, I have been realizing it is also important to give gratitude and love to ourselves.

Speaking of giving gratitude and love to ourselves, I found it the hardest when my performance is not going well. When I am in such circumstances, one thing that helped me still give gratitude and love was to know what is going on from different anglesAs a new angle, today I would like to talk about hormones. I believe that by understanding hormones, we can reach to another level of understanding ourselves better. And by doing so, it will make it easier for us to give gratitude and love to ourselves when we don’t feel our best.

So today, in my show, I am going to answer a question “how might we be able to balance ourselves by understanding hormones?
I hope that this information makes it easier for you to create harmony with yourself, and you can give more gratitude and love to yourself!

Now let’s get started with today’s show!!!

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  • Today, I tried to answer a question “how might we be able to balance ourselves by understanding hormones?” The reason behind it is that by understanding what is happening to us internally, I thought that we will be able to give gratitude and love to ourselves better and create awesome energy waves on this planet!  (00:08:01)
  • In the beginning I described a bigger picture of what hormone actually is, I then described some types of hormones that help us function well in detail.  (00:09:03)
  • Hormones maintain our body and mind at the best condition by functioning as a messenger of the body. There are more than 100 kinds of hormones in our body, and each has its own function. And the most important thing about hormones is that there are no such hormones that we should have more of. Instead, we feel our best when we can keep them in balance.  (00:09:15)
  • In the show, I have introduced some of the hormones which support us to feel good in the morning, because I believe that if you can “design” your morning best, you are more likely to feel good throughout the whole day! There are 5 main hormones which are produced in the morning, and they are orexin, serotonin, cortisol, testosterone and vasopressin.  (00:12:25)
  • By considering these hormones, I suggested 3 ideas that will help you “design” your morning best. They are… Greet to the Sun, Listen to ukulele music as a background and Have a routine. (00:15:16)
  • Every time I do a research about us humans, I am always amazed at how we “already have” all the things we need. In this case, we already have a way to balance ourselves to feel good in ourselves. We are quite amazing, you know?  (00:19:50)

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