13: Speak to Spark


Hello my beautiful people, how are you doing?
In my last episode, as weekly tokimeki questions, I asked you guys “What is your favorite thing to do in the morning?”
To answer this question myself, I love my tiny habit of spraying my chakra aroma spray and stating one thing that I am grateful for. Reminding myself of that I am surrounded by other people’s love while smelling the scent uplifts my morning. That particular gratitude habit makes me realize how important it is to actually state it out loud what I am grateful for

Speaking of verbalizing things, I got very curious about the powerful magic of speaking.
So today, in my show, I am going to answer a question “how might we be able to speak to spark joy?
I hope that this information can help you learn to speak to spark. And by doing so, I hope that you can create more tokimeki moment!


Now let’s get started with today’s show!!!


  • Today, I tried to answer a question “how might we be able to speak to spark joy?”  (00:07:02)
  • In the beginning of the show, I described what it means to speak. Speaking is a tool that is necessary for us to find patterns and meanings from this constantly changing world that we live in. (00:07:23)
  • Then I described the powerful influence which your spoken language has, which is that our language contributes a lot to our subjective understanding, because it is one of the strongest framework we use to describe things. And when we use language, we tend to look at the world in a biased way.  (00:10:18)
  • There are 2 ways in which language is bias. One is that the structure of each language differs from language to language, and this affects how we see and understand the world. Another is that even if we use the same language, the real understanding and the meaning behind it differs from person to person.  (00:11:04)
  • Considering these characteristics of language, I shared some actions which helps you speak to spark! They are;
    (1). State one thing that sparks joy once a day
    (2). Try to record the description of your daily spark of joy somewhere, and continue for at least 1 week
    (3). Is there a pattern in the way when you do a story-telling of your spark of joy experience?
    By doing these things, I believe that you get to learn to be more familiar in your own spark of joy language! (00:15:19)




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