Hello, I am Emi, and I am the host of this podcast.
I am pleased to meet you all 🙂 Now, let me introduce myself!



I am a Behavior Designer and a Story-teller.
– Behavior design is a new system to think about human behavior and methods for design. The best design solutions can change human behavior, and this can make it easier for someone to take action. (Side note: I am a certified Tiny Habit Coach by BJ Fogg, PhD. from Stanford University!)
(see Stanford behavior scientist BJ Fogg, PhD.’s description on behavior design)
– I specialise in designing experiences that sparks joy!
– I am a former story-teller for Nike, working at Marketing team
– I have Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science (Keio University, Tokyo)


In my podcast I…
(1). interview experts whose lives are filled with experiences that spark joy, so that we can learn their secrets to engage in such moments.
(2). conduct Q&A sessions with listeners, so that we can discover more ways to experience spark of joy in our daily life.
(3). share scientific theories on behavior design. By breaking down complicated yet useful scientific theories, we can design experiences that spark joy easier.

Outside my podcast…
I am a story-teller. I give interactive keynote speeches to wide variety of audience.
I want us to elevate our living experience.
I want us to experience spark of joy.

And I think the secret is in creating experiences that make it easier for us to allocate our attention on things that sparks!

●Interested in my secret superpowers and more?
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●Portfolio etc..

Check my master’s thesis from here.
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Thank you for visiting!